Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Monday!

Everybody knows that we are desperately waiting and hoping for rain and it never comes. Ok, once a month we get a little bit of a sprinkle, most of the time it is raining all around us, just not HERE.

Today the sky was covered with gray clouds and there was a prediciting of thunderstorm, but this doesn't say much either, so we left the house earlier today for tumbling and stopped at the South Pool in town. It is on our side of the town, so really convenient to get to. Not as nice as the City Park Pool, which as the one end to get slowly in the deeper water and a big mushroom.

But the kids had fun anyw2ay and it was not so packed there, unfortuntely this pool is closing in two days for the summer. About an hour after arriving there, the lifeguards closed the pool, too. due to thunder and lightning and it actually rained.

At tumbling. There is no way to get good pictures there from the girls, but Soren is up for goofy snapshoots. LOL

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