Friday, August 1, 2008

Soren & Eric Carle - just peek

Eines unsere Lieblingsbuecher ist 'Die Raupe Nimmersatt' von Eric Carle und auch 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear' . Wir habe noch einige andere Buecher von diesem Autor und alle drei Kinder lieben sie.

Als wir noch in Amherst, Massachusetts, wohnten, wurde dort gerade das Eric Carle Museum eroeffnet. Das war vor ueber fuenf Jahren. Damals habe ich einige Postkarten von den Teiren mitgenommen um sie bei den Maedels aufzuhaengen. Daraus ist nie etwas geworden. Doch endlich habe ich mich dazu aufgerafft, mal wieder etwas kreatives zu tun, nicht nur am PC, und habe Bilderrahmen von Ikea angepinselt und die Postkarten damit in Soren's Zimmer aufgehaengt.

Damit ihr einen Einblick in Soren's Reich bekommt, sind hier einige Bilder.

We all love the books by Eric Carle. One of the favorites is 'The always hungry caterpillar' - Soren loves the little holes in the book to stick his fingers through - and 'Brown bear, brown bear'.

During out time in Amherst, Massachusetts, the Eric Carle museum was opening and of course we had to go and visit. That's already five years ago, while Chiara was still a baby. There, I bought a few postcards of his animals with the intention to put them in the girls' room. I never did, Pooh Bear and princesses came in between.

So, today, I finally decided it's time to get creative, not just on the computer, I got the IKEA frames out and paint andcolored the frames, put the postcards on and hung them up in Soren's room.

Here are a bunch of pictures, Soren showing off his room to you, if you want to peek.

Welcome to Soren's room!
It has to turn in our guest room if we have overnight guests, so the futon found it's place there, too.

Soren's crib and dresser which used to be his changing table before he was quickly too big for the top.

We just started to put his animals up there and he just loves to climb up to hug them.

Today is tongue out of mouth day.

One of Soren's favorite spots, his little table.
NOTE: My mom brought this table and chair from Germany in her suitcase taken apart for Isabell when she was not even one yet to California. I am so glad I kept it.

I got smart and put the books down in the basket and the toys in the shelf so he can easier reach them and he loves it.

And who am I?


  1. What a cute room! Those postcards are great, I love his rug and that table is really neat!

  2. he has a very cute room! I love eric carle stuff! the picture of him looking at his books is so cute, sitting on his little feet!

  3. Bridget, I love the rug, too, and Soren has the dragon that goes with it in his bed.

  4. It looks like he enjoys his room! I love how books are so fun for them right now!

  5. I love the work you did on the frames and postcards! It looks great :) I didn't know there is an Eric Carle museum in Amherst!!? Wow!

  6. WOw~ What a great room for him and I love that it is based around a great Author/illustrator!



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