Monday, August 18, 2008

Cooking a la Isabell

Isabell picked a children's cookbook when she was out with Leland last week and since then she is bugging me almost everyday to make something out of it. The ones she wants to choose are all breakfast and snack recipes. LOL.

1. We made "Cheese-Ham-Rollups" for lunch.
2. We made pancakes (from scratch). Her cookbook showed a bunny created out of three pancakes, but we just used chocolate chips to decorate faces on.
3. Banana dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkle. Isabell's suggestion was to use big marshmellows instead.

First we melted chocolate chips in a warm water bath and added the already made leftover found cheesecream flavored (they ask for chocolate, but you have to improvise) frosting.

Dipped, spreaded some of the mix onto the marshmellow and dipped them in lots of sprinkles.

Part 2 - Eating.

We tried it with banana chunks, too, and that 's actually really good, but I don't like frzoen bananas, so we had it eat them right up.

Next time we won't add frosting, but just the chocolate fo dipping. That should work a lot better. But the girls had fun, and that's waht counts.


  1. Looks like fun! I can't wait until my lo is old enough to do stuff like that. Of course, Dylan is a boy so I may not be that lucky to have him cook with me :)

  2. Hei
    Thank you for your comments on my blogs :o) you know how much I love it when you read mine . I had to laugh because Marcus (7) took his cookbook to the store the other day and got everything to make a kids lasagna - then we made some funky marshmallow things , but yours looks nicer so I may have to show him those for next time lol .I love the idea of sharing the photos of the kids cooking .
    I am thrilled to see your kids are having a great summer :o)



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