Saturday, August 16, 2008

Part 1 - 'C is like cookie ...'

... that's good enough for me .

That's pretty much most of what I know of Sesame Street. Ok, I have seen a few shows on TV when I was little and a few with my kids, but I am stressing the word FEW. By now I know Elmo is the red guy and Zoey is the girls. Cookiemonster no question, who doesn't love the "Kruemelmonster" (german). And we did visit the show "Music with Sesame Street" last year in Austin. But that's pretty much IT.

Sesame Street Live came to Ft. Hood, TX, to teach children about deployment.

The tour is part of Sesame Workshop's "Talk, Listen, Connect" initiative, a military outreach program launched in 2006. Story lines are designed to help families understand and talk about the difficulties of multiple deployments, homecomings and changes in parents, whether physical or psychological.

It was fun for the kids (besides Bella, because everything is BORING. It has to be COOL to be interesting.), but she enjoyed it, too.

The shows starts.

Isn't this picture just too cute?

Shortly afterwards Soren was sitting on my lap facing to the back because all the people and lights behind us were so much more interesting for him. LOL.

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