Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yesterday, just hanging out

After a day at the lake and tumbling and already have dinner eaten we were just hanging out outside. For once it was just nice outside and not so hot anymore. Soren was all happy, being out, crackers to munch and everybody around for a little while.

I would love to decorate more, somehow we just never have the right space for it most of the time. Never any extra dressers or low cabinetts in the house to put decorations on or out of reach, so the only way right now is that it hangs up on the wall or ceiling or is untasty and unbreakable. Soren is sure he is testing it in any way or shape or form. LOL
Das war mal eine Pusteblume bevor Soren seine Finger dran hatte.
I have no idea how you call the flower how it turns after being a dandelion, the one you can blow away. Perhabs somebody can help me out? No matter how, it was there anymore after Soren was done.


  1. You always have such beautiful pictures :)

  2. I agree, your photos (and your children) are really gorgeous! Glad you enjoyed your time hanging out!

  3. But don't let yourself fool, they are little monsters in person. LOL



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