Thursday, September 4, 2008

Taking my monkeys to the ZOO

The blog is playing crazy so I have no chance to move the pictures where they are supposed to be. Enjoy them anyway. LOL

We took one last excursion for summer break a week before school start and I took all my three monkeys to the Cameron Zoo in Waco.

It was pretty hot, luckily the zoo was not too big but nice. The kids enjoyed it and Soren even walked part of it all by himself. Yes, he is walking more and more now. YEAH.

Even I have to admit that I do miss our little zoo from Massachusetts, right around the corner, not even five minutes away, private and small, but just perfect. You could feed the animals there and even pat a dog or a cat.

Soren loved especially the Jaguar and the aquariums with all the fish.

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