Saturday, September 20, 2008

My BIG girl is 8 !!!

Yesterday was Isabell's 8th birthday.

Can you believe she is already eight years old? She is so grown up.

Of course, she got all spoiled with presents from Oma & Opa, Karin and from us. But sweet as she is, she loves everything she got and is all happy.

With a sleeping bag and new Pjs she is all set for her Slumber Party next weekend, and already used it to camp out in my bedroom last night. A ghost board game will prep us all well for Halloween. LOL.

She also got her big wish, a (kid's) MP3 player. Leland was so nice to set it all up and load Highschool Musical songs on before he left and she carries it now almost everywhere. And all kinds of neat things.


Karin the skeleton was a hit. She started hammering right away to dig it out of the sandstone.

PAULINE for you!

My friend Pauline's birthday is the same day as Isabell's - so I never have an excuse to forget about it - and she celebrated her 30th Birthday yesterday.


And this is for you and Isabell


  1. Wow!!! EIGHT!!!! She really is a BIG girl!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I have always loved that video!! Love it!!

  2. LOL Nicole!!! I loved the pics!!!
    Happy Birthday Bella!!!! I hope this is a great year for you!!!

    Thanks so much Nicole for the beyond gorgeous gift!!! You and your family are so awesome!! And you are all so beautiful and sweet!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Bella!!! Ich hoffe Du hattest einen ganz tollen Geburtstag, ( na da bin ich mir eigentlich ganz sicher, den Bildern nach zu urteilen ;-)wir wuenschen Dir alles alles Gute in Deinem neuen Lebensjahr! Wir vermissen Euch ganz doll! Ganz liebe Gruesse, Sandra, Chris und Stevie



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