Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday Activities

Part 1:

Friday evening Coach Mo called and asked the girls to come for a tumbling demonstration the next morning at the KIDS DAY at the City Park. While he was running late they enjoyed the activities. Isabell really wants to learn how to twist balloons and got herself an extra one and got right to work. A moment later it popped. LOL

Isn't it nice if you even get a prize you can choose yourself when you miss the goal at a game?

Soren LOVES dogs! "But come on, guys, even I am little, don't fool me, this is not a real fireman dog. I am NOT getting close to it!"

Who needs popcorn, hotdogs, face painting, bounce houses, games, music and silly dogs if there is a big root growing right here!

Part 2:

With some delay Coach Mo arrives and the girls are getting ready to show off some tumbling. He does and amazing job with the kids and his classes are usually packed, even there is no advertising just word from mouth to mouth.

May I present the "Monkey Faces" of the Junior League of the YMCA Tumbling Academy.

Part 3:

Bella's classmate celebrated her 8th birthday at the CTC Planetarium. What a neat idea!

While all the kid's watched the show inside Soren and I explored the college on the outside.

Part 4:

No pictures worth. Gardening. Cutting gras. I figured out the new lawn mower and got it to start until I ran out of gasoline barely started. Thanks Leland. All the gasoline containers are empty. At the old place I would at least be done with front yard by now, but not on this property. if we every own our own place we have to considering a smart landscaping solution and no I am not thinking of desert landscaping (I remember picking leaves out of rocks by hand.).


  1. Love the pictures and love the new look... I have been thinking about changing to a 3 column blog, but it is soooooooooo complicated that I keep putting it off... I LOVE YOURS!!!!!

  2. Love all the pictures Nicole! I really love the picture of Soren at the college, so sweet!



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