Sunday, September 28, 2008

Camping Out in Sherwood Forest, Great Britain - Lots of Pictures

Saturday morning all three of us got busy plus Soren right in the middle to decorate for Bella's Party and we crafted all kinds of decorations out of sticks, string, staples and construction paper.
Of course using fabric would have been really neat, too, but paper was less time consuming and and in the medieval times plastic was not the hit yet.
So paper it was.

Chiara waiting anguishly for the first party guests playing with a little lizard which she tried to hide in the little bucket in her room under the bed.

Don't miss your way!

We had 9 (6 plus mine)kids sleeping here last night plus Heidi leaving at midnight because all the kids occupied the couch and floor. And none of the kids went home inthe middle of the night.

After all the girls arrived we first filled their tummies with hot dog kebabs and potatoes on sticks. In the forest you have no silverware, so they HAD to use their fingers and sticks.

I grew up with lots of stories about Robin Hood and his merry men, but some of the girls never heard of him before. So we had to introduce Robin of Locksley and with a storybook and fitting activities we spent the next hours.

The first activity roll told them to dress up like Robin and his men to be ready to fight for King Richard against the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Robin Hood is secretly in love with Maid Marian and wants to treat her like his princess, so they second roll told them to decorate crowns for Maid Marian. They did a beautiful job.

It was time the Tournament of the Golden Arrow in the garden of our castle.

After playing 'Tagged by the Sheriff of Nothingham' and 'Stealing Taxes from the Sheriff of Nottingham' Robin Hood and his men won the battle against the Sheriff and celebrated King Richard's return with cakein the castle with silver plates and silver forks.

Here are Robin Hood and his merry (wo)men!

Oops! We almost forgot to opening the presents.

Group Hugs

To get them all settle down we watched the old Robin Hood movie with Kevin Costner 'Prince of Thieves'. The movie is old enough that none of the kids has seen it before. LOL

It's a LONG movie.

The next morning.

Abi, one of our late sleepers.

Mallory was still all bundled up under a quilt on couch, not be seen,


  1. Super Idee eine Robin Hood Party! Scheint ja ein voller Erfolg gewesen zu sein!!! GLG, Sandra

  2. Great Job!!!!! Props to you, what a fun looking party!! All of those girls (and of course little guy) are so cute!

  3. Wow! That looked like such a fun party! Good job! They will remember that forever!

  4. Thank you. The girls would love a party at Chuckie Cheeses or Putt Putt, too, but I am not for that type of birthday parties, with some more effort and less cost you can give them a fun time at home, too.

  5. Wow it turned out great! I'm so glad all the girls and your little Robin Hood had a great time. I agree with the Chuckie Cheese thing!

  6. I just LOVE this idea - great job . And I love all the photos - thank you so much for sharing .



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