Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday's favorite toy

Since we now are always on the way to the bus stop by 6.40 every morning, I am not getting the trash can out the evening before pick up day. I collect the rest of all the rubbish in the morning and then pull it all the way down the rocky road of the driveway.

Not today.

When we stepped out, my trash can and the huge carton box was gone and already sitting out.

No, it wasn't my husband. That only happens occacionally, but usually will be overlooked.

But Steven, the neighbor's boy set it out. THANKS, Steven. I thought that was really nice of him, don't know why, but I appreciate it.

After his 3 hour nap in the morning (yes I got a second one late afternoon, too, today) we went a little bit outside. He decided the only "toy" he wanted to play with was my broom. He tried sweeping, but swept more often the table off as the floor that I had to rescue my glass and camera.

And he also proved the fact that being a witch must just be in our family's blood. He is already riding the broomstick!

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