Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just being a little bit crafty

Sewing and being crafty, creative is my little world when I need to get a break from everything else. I do have hundreds of ideas, never enough time, but once a while I just really need to take time for it.

So today I had lots of errands, but also stopped at Hobbylobby. Yes, I did eye at all the beautiful fabric, but after I have a big stash at home, I cut the corner and went looking for adhesives and glues I never used before.

And tonight I tried out something new, not for the kids yet, even Bella's first question was "Is this for my birthday party?". We always try to do incorporate some crafts on the parties and some kids are amazing little artists and just have fun with it. We will see what we are coming up with for this weekend.

While the first layer of mod podge is drying on tonights quick creations, I can show of my latest sewing projects. I didn't want to show pictures earlier because both were presents and I surely didn't want to spoil the surprise.

This is a small fold up stationary keeper with a block, letter paper and envelopes (I just didn't find the perfect note cards) and on the right side is a place for a writing pen and stamps to have everything on hand.

The babyquilt was for little Reagan, she is Logan's babysister, obe of Soren's June 2007 buddies.

I just loved the colors and used some of my favorite fabrics. I am working on using the fabrics I really love even it means to cut them up, you can believe I am able to keep building up my stash and just looking at it, too.


  1. Wow, you are talented! I love to be crafty too...I fake it that I know how to sew :)

  2. Those are wonderful projects! Happy Crafting!



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