Saturday, September 13, 2008

A quite interesting Friday

Is everybody going crazy because of the arriving IKE?

The supermarket was so packed today, every lane open and still long lines, in every shopping cart is at least one 24 pack of bottled water and most are piled up high.

Our shopping cart contained two half gallons of whole milk and a 30 pounds blond haired toddler.

Yes, I did my Friday weekend shopping because we have no intentions of going anywhere this weekend and be lazy or busy here until we go bonkers and have to get out of the house.

We didn't go crazy shopping, my freezer is always full, as is the pantry and the fridge pretty much, too. And just in case we actually do get more as a little more rain which we are all desperately hoping for, and electricity goes out then I truly don't want all my groceries getting ruined and with Leland not raiding the refrigerator we are well set for anything. So anybody up for a BBQ tomorrow?

We are in Central Texas not even close to the coast so we are not really worried, and just in case the girls had Tornado practise in school on Friday. Something new.

In case I am not posting anything tomorrow or the day after, won't mean more as that I am just too busy doing something else - like organizing my garage, laundry, ironing, sewing, playing with the kids, feeding the kids, sleeping, working, chatting, baking cake, watching Robin Hood, reading, .................................. there is always something to do.

Now to my interesting parts of the day.

Part 1:

Soren is my technical genius who loves buttons more as anything. EVERY button. He already managed to flip the screen of my notebook upside down and it took me forever to find the right key combination to switch it back. Believe me reading with your head upside down hurts after a very short time.

Now with ONE touch on the TV remote he found a new setting.

I love it, heads are cut off and also the text on the buttom.


I tried every freaking button, setting, combination on every remote and can't figure it out how to switch it back. I already searched for the instruction booklet which now goes in my invisible missing list posted in the filled refrigerator.


While I thought Soren was messing in Chiara's room which finally was all clean up and organized again, he was up to something new.

I found him leaving the bathroom and saw all the toilet paper rolled off and scrooged all over with the black mean cat sitting in top behind the toilet.

Witness? Or partner in crime?

When he came up to me I noticed that the back of his shirt all wet, because he had his favorite snuggle blanket bear thrown over his shoulder which was soaking wet.

He stuffed his snuggle blanket bear in the toilet! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

So the kid washed off and put in bed without the snuggle bear and luckily tired enough to fall asleep without his beloved bear and the bear washed and hung up to dry.

And I got nicely informed from my JJJs, that this is just the beginning of mieschief. They think is cute and are just laughing.

Part 3:

After school we went to the new park we found and I had a photo shoot there with two adorable kids. They were so sweet with each other.
The little boy is Soren's playgroup buddy and usually pretty shy, but we got lots of pictures taken and some are just too darn cute.

I still have to work on all the photos and trying out new actions and techniques, but eventually I will post some more.


  1. Those are great pictures!! Awesome job! I like your watermark too!

  2. Man, reading it the second time was even funnier!!! LOL, I'll go read it a third!!!




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