Monday, September 8, 2008

Moody Monday

Something always goes missing in any house we live in and it keeps reminding me constantly that it is missing. So it would seriously make sense writing a list and post it, so if somebody in this house by accidents stumbles over my missing item(s) can just simply bring it back in appearance.

For right now it's an invisible list posted on our refrigerator door high enough so it's on my eye - level and out of reach of Soren's hands.

List of Missing Items

  • car keys (missing since we came home last night).
  • yellow NEW sippy cup (the missing blue one showed up shortly after buying replacements).
  • Camera Instruction Manual in English (I still have the Spanish version).
  • Husband.

It is late.
The kids are sound asleep.
The TV is running senseless.
Tiger sleeps on the comfy chair.
And I just am a little bit emotional.

1 comment:

  1. I also had a moody monday and posted about it on my blog... ((((HUGS)))) and thank you for that song.... I will share it with hubby.... (I think I will even comment about it on my blog).

    I KNOW all about not finding stuff, especially stuff that we just bought and are suppose to be visible... I get you, I get you.



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