Thursday, January 22, 2009

Silly Soren

I know that I am going to jinx myself now. It is going to happen, because it's just too good to be true. But once a while you are allowed to brag.

Soren is usually so easy to get to go to bed. We have no 100% set ttime for bed, but he normally goes to bed between 7:30 and 9 pm. Today he went to bed before 6 pm and I thought he would get back up, but he is zonked out - I guess catching up sleep after he ONLY slept 1.5 hours in the stroller while waiting 2.5 hours at the pharmacy at Darnell. BACK to Soren's bedtime routine. When it is time for bed he waves Good Night to whoever is left awake and I bring him with is blanket and pacifier to bed. I sneak his pacifier he gets up gives me a Good Night kiss and throws himself in his bed giggling. He gets his pacifier back, I cover him up with one of his two green snuggle blankets and turn the old lullabye on (the one that all three of my kids slept with).
I turn the lights off, close the door and leave. DONE DEAL.

Yes, done deal, that's what I thought one night last week. But all of a sudden I kept hearing noises coming out of Soren's room and I found this:

With Vincenzo Tiger in his bed there was no way Soren was going to sleep. The cat was purring and getting ready to find a comfy place of his own in Soren's crib. So he was back up and no sign of sleep.

Soren also loves to climb. Especially to climb on the kitchen table. He is fast. You sit right next to him on a chair and with the blink of an eye he is sitting, laying or standing on top grinning from one ear to the other. Plus he had a blast to send the penguins from our table decoration on a lazy susy spinning until the were flying off,

After all the hard work to make the penguins fly Soren decided he is old enough to use the self service in our kitchen and fixed his own drink, of course with a straw.

Take a closer look at the delicious assembling of battle cap and fabric scraps in an orange tiger bowl.

One thing is sure, all three of my kids are no missing any imagination or plain sillyness! And Soren is not standing in any way or shape behind his sisters. He is right there in the front line with silly ideas.


  1. You always have the best pics!

    What is it with cats & cribs?

    Soren is adorable :)

  2. All my girls have sleep the whole night since 2 or 3 months old... Mia and Gaby needed to be sleept and then put in their cribs... But not Mimi... Since she was around 5 or 6 months, we will just put her on her crib with the lights off and simply say night night... I also hope not to jinx it!!



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