Monday, January 19, 2009

Just Yummy

On our second trip to Austin this month, I could not resist buying fabric - my sewing machine is dusted off by now, too - the deals were just to sweet and the fabric just gorgeous. I love it, so much that I can't cut in it yet and it is nicely stack up next to me to look at.

It is so hard to resist buying just all of it, so I had to ideas in my head and pick them out for it. One or two more slipped in the stack, but I can't wait to see how those ideas turn out.

Soren loves all the buttons on my sewing machine, too, and the wheel, and the foot and, ......

1 comment:

  1. Oh man, da werde ich ja richtig neidisch. Genau solche Stoffe würde ich auch nehmen. Es ist halt doch immer anders, wenn man sie in der Hand hält oder nur übers Internet oder Katolog sehen kann. Ich will auch JoAnns haben......
    Jaja rumdrücken an den Knöpfen dürfen nur die Exberdn - gell Soren ;-)



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