Saturday, January 17, 2009

Something makes PEEP

Perhabs it's the new year, perhabs not, but on the first Sunday in January we (Bella, Chiara, Soren, my mom and me) made a roadtrip to Austin and spent lots of time at JoAnns. I haven't been there in months because I do have a stash of fabric and my sewing machine was collecting a little bit dust. But we my mom's visit we had the perfect excuse to go and I didn't buy any fabric - just felt and a few knickknacks. Soren had a blast just exploring the entire store and the girls were helping picking fabrics for themselves and for Oma.

A evening later the first of these three little birds was done and soon got more company.

Who would have thought that such an itty bitty bird would take so much work to be done. LOL.

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