Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shoes & Happyness

(It's taken on a sunny day a little while ago, you might have seen it before.)

Yesterday was one of those days which most people hate- grey, foggy, wet and beautiful.

If I wouldn't have been so tired all day, I 'd had the camera in my hand and snapped pictures. You guys know me, I am almost always up for pictures. Yes, yesterday was a truly lovely day, not one bit of sunshine. If you live in Texas you LOVE every single day like that. Even my kids like them.
Soren especially, because he gets to wear his little itty bitty rubberboats Oma brought from Germany and today he wore them all the time gone - why should I worry about where he steps, trying to avoid every single puddle and soaking his socks and shoes while spending hours and hours waiting until our car was done with its installation. And it seems that rubberboats are something extraordinary, because we got to hear remarks about it "How cute!"& "Look at those boots!" left and right where Soren walked.

BUT, there always has to be a but, my winter shoes/rain shoes are on the edge of breaking, ripping and loosing their sole. Not water proof at all. But I LOVE those shoes for all the four years I have them and worn A LOT. I really don't want to let something so beloved go - I had no choice with my husband to let him go, but not loose (11 more months to go). So I looked pretty much everywhere for a replacement (pair of shoes, of course, what were you thinking?). Without luck. Today we passed a shoe store while waiting and even I was there before we strolled through and where do I go as always to MUDD shoes. There are really comfy and I do like their looks. A little bit pricey if I would pay regular price for them, but I never do. So after passing all the sneaker, all the dressy cute shoes - I would have easily found more in that department - I passed the same ones I had seen last time - not the perfect winter/rain shoes, but considering where we live, it doesn't rain so often and it will work with some rain, I still can wear black socks if it is cool and even wear them in summer, they have the perfect height of heel and I could walk all day in them. So I tried them on - the only ones in the store - they fit - we took them, got ou extra military discount and were done. YEAH.
And if it is too much water I just end up barefoot, watershoes or invest in a pair of "cute "rubberboots, perhabs those would make me as happy as they make Soren just in a huge size. LOL.


  1. Oh! I love days like that too. He looks adorable with his chunky little legs and rubber boots!

  2. Oh, I do love those shoes!

  3. Those legs!!! So cute :)

    Those shoes are so perfect.

    Re: the old house - I'd *love* to see a pic if you ever do end up taking one.



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