Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sometime last week was a sick day!

Yes, this goofy big kid was not allowed to go to school and was sooooooo sick. Nada. She was perfectly fine after a night's sleep and we had to run in town to get replacement parts to fix the burn outs from the dryer cord and outlet. So we stopped at Cici"s, one of Chiara's favorite places with an awesome manager. One that really goes out of her way to have HAPPY customers. Take my word.

Who can resist the yummy brownies there everybody was eating? - Me, I take the applepie.
We stopped at a store on the same plaza - isn't it nice to be able to walk to the next place without putting everybody in the car and Soren found something that would have been PERFECT for his godmother!
Guck Mal, Karin! - Wir haben wenigstens ein Foto gemacht. Oder zwei.

After all the food and shopping of course there were two who enjoyed last week's nice weather outside with puzzling on the front step.


  1. Hahaha - das Sign ist super, passt absolut zu meinem Guinness-hat. Hey Soren, wenn du etwas älter bist, dann nehme ich dich mal mit ins Irish Pub

    LG Karin

  2. Sounds like a great evening!
    The few times we have gone to Cici's, we always have the BEST customer service. My husband has even gone out of his way to mention it to the manager, which is SO not like him!



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