Thursday, January 1, 2009

How do you clean house with a monkey?

I am typing here with a little monkey on my back. Dressed in a red pyjama top with a moose. Monkey is clinging on my back and squealing everytime my fingers touch the keyboard instead of pulling him up.

Is New Year's Eve not the time of digging out old memories of the past? It happens to me today not yesterday. While cleaning house. Usually when it was time to clean while I was college, I poured me a glass of wine, turned the music on and danced through the house cleaning and scrubbing. It didn't take too long. How big of a mess can one person make in a one room apartment including kitchen make? So one to two hours later everything was sparkling clean and clean. Yeah. That were times.

Now, the present and the future, there are more as ONE person in this house making a disarray of it and truly a mess or two or three. One to two hours of cleaning gets you NOWHERE. But you can save the wine and the music because you get your entertainment LIVE. Right here and there.

While cleaning the monkey is following you every step if their is no sisterly or kitty distraction. In between the shoes of mama monkey are spread throughout he whole hallway even they were all lined up nicely in the bedroom, two by two in pairs. Okay the could use a scrubbing, too, the gravel outside always leaves something behind, but you do not need to throw them, monkey.

#1. In the bathroom some ingenious builder put two big sliding mirror doors in the closet plus the glass doors of the shower and the big mirrors covering the rest of the bathroom walls. So to show the best intentions mama monkey is polishing off all the monkey fingerprints of the doors while playing PEEKA BOO. It is a fascinating game for little monkey so it just doesn't want to find an end.

#2. Leaving the bathroom after new monkey prints were spread all over the mirror doors we switch to the kitchen and had to do dishes with a big chair right next to mama monkey, sleeves pushed back and water splashes. Giggles are fine. Helpers wanted. Double scrubbing of all the plastic and supposed to be unbreakables. Fantastic. Sipping on the alreadr washed put second set of dish water. Yummy.

#3. Change of scenery because no mater how much we do in the kitchen it is always coming back to me. Monkey is tripping of shoes on the hallway on the way to the bedroom. Monkey sees a nicely made bed and thinks it's time to use its climbing and jumping skills to make a new design of disarray of sheets and covers.

#4. Laundry. Monkey is now staying out of the laundry room. Usually he is always in first row slamming the doors of the washing machine and dryer closed WHILE mama monkey is putting clothes in and out. It stinks in the laundry room. The only machine running is the dryer. We all have a bad feeling about the existence of the dryer. Please stay with us a little bit longer BUT get rid of that smell.

#5. It is NAP TIME.
By the way taking a peek not peeka boo on the clock more as 3 hours are already gone. And a sister walked by picking up a pair of shoes of mine and set it nicely behind the front door.

Wonders do happen.


  1. LOL! I loved your descriptions! I feel the same way!

  2. You have some of the best posts! I love the way you write. This is why I keep coming back! Oh, and it doesn't hurt that you have a pretty cute family to look at!



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