Friday, January 9, 2009

She is here! - OMA

It was a busy week with all kinds of errands, shopping, crafting, disasters, sicknesses, breakdowns, burnouts - so pretty much AS ALWAYS.

But on 01.01.2009 at 17:09 we picked up Oma at the airport. She is finally visiting from Germany again after 15 months and the kids are crazy about her. Of course, she is up for everything including jumping on the trampoline, ...

... playing lots of games, reading stories, bringing the girls to the bus, sewing a horse pillow cover for Chiara's bed, treating us for lunch, ...

Soren is usually in a good mood, silly and goofy, but a big mama's boy. After a few days he now does love just to go to Oma, too, even when I am close by. Yeah.


  1. How sweet Nicole!

    Btw the girls are doing a great job on the lego castle! Looking good!

  2. I'm so glad you're getting to visit with your mom! Enjoy your time.

  3. What a cool mom you have!!!! It is a blessing to have her around!!!



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