Saturday, January 24, 2009

One day is just not enough in San Antonio

Without knowing we really picked the perfect day for a trip to San Antonio. A weekend after the Mud festival there when all off the Riverwalk is getting drained and cleaned, a day after it still was cold to on a day with perfect weather for spending all day outside and before the freezing cold weekend. Doesn't thos blooming bud not give a glimpse of spring already right there in the park around the Alamo?

Yes, one of those seldom pictures with all four of us on. Soren was not in the mood to look, but we managed keeping him in the stroller for a while longer which was pretty helpful there until we came to all the stairs up and down all day long.

San Antonio is beautiful. Just beautiful. I am truly no city girl, but I enjoyed spending the day there as did the kids. We parked the car and got easily everywhere else where we wanted to go by foot, just like in Germany. There were always spots to sit outside to watch people, to get a sip to drink or a snack. I still do not know why we let the kids choose to eat at the Rainforest Cafe INDOORS on such a gorgeous day with so many restaurants offering tables outside along the riverwalk. That place drove me nuts, noisy, dark and worst of all the menu was absolutely not appealing in any way. But the kids were hungry and loved the place.

After lunch we took a riverboat tour and saw all off the riverwalk accompany by silly jokes from the boat captain like "and did you see the boat captain in the movie .... ? It wasn't me!" Or "There's a mexican restaurant, a french restaurant, a mexican restaurant, a BBQ place, a mexican restaurant, a texmex place, a mexican restaurant, ....." you get it. But it was a nice tour.

We saw all of the 2.5 miles of the riverwalk by boat and walked all off it by feet along the river, over bridge, stairs up and down, with an empty stroller and with a stroller filled with a heavy sleeping Soren.

We started out day in San Antonio with the Alamo and we ended it with it.

Believe me that we took lots of pictures in San Antonio and this is just a glimpse of it. But hopefully someday we go back for another visit.


  1. Your pictures are awesome!

  2. Geez. Mr Man is from TX but he's from the icky plains. I've heard San Antonio to be gorgeous and indeed, your photo's depict that!
    What is that last picture of? The building? Quite impressive, the building AND the photography.

  3. I have ALWAYS wanted to visit San Antonio. Your pictures only convinced me of that more!
    Looks like a great day all around!



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