Wednesday, December 2, 2009



Well. That's actually not really describing what's going on here. But how do hundreds of questions - especially from Chiara - from the time she wakes up and goes to school to the moment she walks through the door and goes to bed and beyond and also from Bella's  fit in a title line. Luckily Soren doesn't ask questions. 'Mmmmmm'.  I ask questions. Lots of them usually.

When is Daddy coming home? Is Daddy coming home today? Do you know my horsie's name? What time is he coming home? When is Christmas? What day is Christmas? What is your second name? My second name is? Does Daddy have a second name? Where am I born? When is Daddy coming home? Can I have a horse? I really want a dog for Christmas. Mmmmmmm? What is horse in deutsch? When does the party start? Is the party starting yet? Can I have CANDY?

But for the moment, just my head hurts due to not enough sleep. I can't sleep and if I can then my toddler thinks he must wake up right then or the cat because I do not need sleep. Right.

One of my questions usually is:

Me: 'Is your room picked up?'

Either Kid: 'Let me check.'

You can figure out that that means no, because they usually do not come back, disappear into nowhere, out of my sight - probably playing.

If you are wondering why we are short of pictures, I need to charges batteries, the little ones for the little camera, the big one is on way back from repairs - mmmmh - I am not used to look at the screen for taking pics anymore and they turn out blurry. I might try later, because there is a lot to do here and I also need to go and keep myself busy while waiting.


  1. Also ich kann ja kaum warten bis meine Kinder endlich sprechen koennen, aber wenn ich das hier so lese, ist das Ohr-abgekaue auch nicht so prickelnd..

    Musste sehr lachen ueber die Let me check AntwortLOL

  2. Zu der Frage: Can I have candy? - sag den Mädels Candy ist in Deutschland bei mir und er will nicht gebissen werden - lol.
    Versuch nicht soviel zu grübeln - ich drück dich ganz doll!!!

  3. I am so excited for you all! I don't envy you having to answer 600 questions a day, though.



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