Sunday, November 29, 2009

Daddy will be home for Christmas

He set his foot on the plane out of Iraq as far as we now. Finally. A few more days and we can finally say 'welcome home' after 12 long months. The longest ever. The last two weeks almost daily planes are arriving here and welcoming soldiers home. His soldiers, too. I even picked up another wife from the airport, she spent the night here and we brought her to the Cooper field to pick up her husband, but I couldn't stay there, seeing everybody else coming home but not him. So there was no holiday mood around here yet, something, somebody was and is still missing.

Now we are waiting for 'that phone call' to know how many more hours left, until he finally will be back home.


  1. That's wonderful! How exciting for you guys that he'll be home for Christmas! The year G.I. Joe was in Iraq he was supposed to be home for Christmas but got extended a couple weeks. It was the worst Christmas of my life so it makes me so happy to hear about soldier's making it home to spend the holidays where they belong.

  2. Nice for you all. i am on your behalf.

  3. Na endlich!!!!!! Ich hoffe du konntest noch alles erledigen was du vor hattest.

  4. Ich hoffe ihr wisst bald wann er heim kommt!!

    Homecomings are the best!!!

  5. That is so exciting! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas together.



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