Monday, November 23, 2009

Stillhouse Hollow Lake & Chalk Ridge Falls Hiking Trail

Sunday afternoon a week ago we spent on a nature walk at the Chalk Ridge Falls Hiking Trail. The kids love it there no matter what season, but especially in summer when the end up in the stream splashing in the cold water. This time Karin and I tried to to keep them out of the water even Soren would have loved to dive in head first of course. On our way back, we stop at the Overlook Park right after the dam of Stillhouse Hollow with breathtaking view.

I just love the this first picture. But the next one was just taken a moment before.

*** WARNING ***

Blue lips inclusive - Sonic Blue Coconut!!!


  1. BEAUTIFUL SHOTS! Sigh...SONIC.. thanks for reminding me how much I miss it. LOL

  2. Yeah this was a real great place! I love this bag - Anita just asked me what I´m going to do with so many bags - I asked her in return what she is doing with so many shoes *lol* Never can have enough bags!!!



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