Saturday, November 14, 2009

Smores Experiment

Yesterday, we took off right after school to the lake. We intended an afternoon there withthe kids playing on the playground, sitting lazily watching them before bbqing our hotdogs and trying our mini experiment.

There were plenty of playgrounds. We parked right in the middle. But a few minutes later those were forgotten. Treasure hunting was way more interesting for the little and the big ones. The lake the was shockingly empty this summer was filled more as we have seen before and we just loved finding all the awesome driftwood. Even Karin would love to fill her luggage just with the driftwood.

It was truly beautiful out there and nobody else there. We had the whole park for ourselves.

The two hours of daylight passed really fast and the sun was setting behind the trees. But it did not feel like the middle of November. So we did lite the grill, didn't burn the hotdogs totally, had yummy roasted hotdog buns and even fresh dessert. Okay, we did it. We made smores. We grilled them. Soren threw the graham crackers at me before the even got close to the grill with "No Thank You" - just not using words. The girls gave it a try after we managed the first two melted smores. Karin and me kepting. lol. I have to admit I prefer the roasted marshmellows on the sticks. OMG, those are delicious. I can live without smores. But the roasted marshmellows might get repeated - do they work on our gas grill, too? lol

Eventually we had to leave. But it was nice there, sitting out there in the swing seats under the stars under the trees on the shore.


  1. Es hat wirklich Spass gemacht, auch wenn ich nach meinem ersten Smore die Schokolade im ganzen Gesicht hatte *lol*

  2. Beautiful pictures, and beautiful blog entry.



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