Thursday, November 12, 2009

not perfect ... yet


I easily can just go and order labels, but no I wanted to make them myself. And I did. They didn't turn out perfect and these are not the first attempt neither. A few of these are okay, some not, but truly on the picture they look better as they are. LOL

I have to see if I keep experimenting with what kind of tape or ribbon works best and what I actually can find - while smacking mosquitos flying around my nose again and again. I hate mosquitos.

Now I will start back with the pencil pouches after stocking up on new types of  fabric. Some I never used before. Experimenting. Again. Before that two more seam that need to  be finished on the last bag that is waiting to be done. Karin and I were sewing the last three days and worked on two bags each. You can call us productive. We also visited the fabric and craft stores productively. More as once since she is visiting.

Yesterday's production made all kinds of weird things from the typical buttons to the not so typicalor unrecognizable somethings called buttins by the kids, ladybugs, snails, snail food, ..... all made out of FIMO.

We had to stock up on fimo suppplies again today, luckily JoAnns had the perfect sale because little friends already announced they want to participate in our button factory.

I got bored with the normal buttons, too.

P.S. Important question - How do you make SMORES?


  1. Smores = roasted marshmallows and chocolate (whch melts from the marshmallow heat) between two graham crackers. Yum....

    I love your buttons.

  2. are you making your own label? They are adorable! Can you give us a tutorial?



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