Friday, November 20, 2009

the secret project

Chiara has a little table with two chairs in her room painted pink with white and brown dots. Perfect size for Soren. Perfect color for Soren. lol. But it truly is a little bit too small for her. So after I was clueless for a birthday present for her I came up with the idea for a desk. I looked around for a small desk, a cute desk, something that I liked and she would love and  that also fit in my budget. Nada. Nix. Niente. I even checked at Ikea and I truly love that store, but there was just not the right desk even the bookshelf and dresser she has had a fitting desk - but it look weird with skinny legs. On our way back from Austin there is only one little town between Austin area and Kempner. Florence. And passing the main intersection and the traffic light there, Karin called 'Look over there, there is a little desk'. Of course I already passed, but with all the squared planning of roads here we were quickly back at the little antique store "Cowboys & Angels" and at the corner of the intersection was standing the perfect sized desk. We looked at each other and a moment later it was mine. Brown, dirty, ... and it fit right in my trunk.

We hid it in the shed under an old carpet for a few days and on Monday when the girls were back at school we we got it out - on the coldest day of the month -  and set it in the sun in front of the garage. And yeah, we got to play with Leland's toys. lol. The ones I usually should not touch. He doesn;t trust me with any powertools besides my sewing machine. But we had one manpower help. He got the manual sandpaper.

We pretty much used every scrap of sandpaper up we could get our hands on and every bit of paint was gone by the time we were done.

Even we were dirty from top to bottom covered with dirt and dust and the next day with paint we got little and big rewards from our little helper with kisses and flowers.

After three days of work the desk lost all the brown paint, got fixed and glued where needed and a coat of white wash. Now it has a new home in Chiara's room and she LOVES it. She got it as surprise for her brithday yesterday and is already working on it every moment she can.

P.S. Thank you Karin for all your help. I don't know if I would have gotten it done by myself if I would have even found it.

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  1. Es war mir ein Vergnuegen - dass haettest du schon auch geschafft;-)manchmal ist es gut wenn ein extra paar Augen im Auto mitfaehrt. lol

    Can we do my treasure box next week?!?!



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