Friday, November 27, 2009

more of these pencil pouches

Do you  have enough yet of pencil pouch pictures? I stilll have to finish one and to make one more. LOL. Then I can go off and figure out the other xmas present on how to make that one. Why did I decide on ideas without patterns this year. Should I not be smarter than that?

At least we got definately the perfect size now for the pencil pouch and even got artsy with it. Thanks for Thanksgiving in joggingpants. It's the best time to be creative. You have no idea how much glitter and glue and paper and feather and .... got used that day also. Perhabs we do that on xmas, too. By the way we still had a dinner with ham and mashed potatoes and even mini pimpkin pies, but you just need to know how to fix everything within one hour instead of standing HOURS in the kitchen plus having a clean kitchen within minutes. lol. But as much as I love my husband I know having him back home by then we will fail in that part definitely. There will be too many reasons why nobody has time to clean the kitchen even there will be enough cooks.

1 comment:

  1. Die sehen ja super aus!!! Die Idee mit der Blüte finde ich klasse!



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