Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stephanie's Pencil Pouch

On the last trip to JoAnn's with Karin to pick up the item's of my mom's wish list, my shopping list was pretty short. A little bit of Fimo and some cute paper. But I came across the the bargain table that was another 50% off and also held quite a few different types of fabrics including decorating fabric. So since then I am playing with more as just plain cotton fabric and this is the first pencil pouch that turned out real nice. It holds it's shape great, the size just fits and Bella thought it would be a good birthday present for her new friend Stephanie who just loves to draw. Do you see, even my label got it's first use.

If I can stay awake a few evenings you might see some more pouches which I have planned, some might have to wait till after xmas to be shown due to nosy readers. lol


  1. Das Pouch richtig toll geworden - super Stoff. Und dran denken, immer auf den Reissverschluss achten!!! Grins - sorry musste jetzt sein.

  2. Bookmarked this. Thank you against sharing. Unequivocally worth my time.

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