Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 19, 2009 - happy birthday, chiara

Was the day that couldn't come fast enough for Chiara. Her 7th birthday. She said at least 5 times every day before I can't wait anymore and now we have over 300 days to hear those words again for the next birthday. Girl! But she was a happy girl. She had a great day at school, ate cupcakes with her friends there, brought a card home and her birthday ribbon, which she didn't take off all day.

She loved opening her birthday cards the arrived in the mail (Thanks again for thinking of her.) A special thanks to Marvin, too, an old friend of mine who sends Birthday wishes to everybodys birthday and never forgets one since years, even I still don't know his exact birthdate. I will find it out someday.

All three monkeys and Soren is of course already eyeing the cake and cupcakes.

Which he indulged in after stealing Chiara's birthday crown from her head. Little thief.

Chiara was of course her silly self as usual.

After checking out her new desk in her room she actually took the time opening her present from Oma & Opa (thank you so much for the rain coat, with the pour down the next day it was in use right away, it's just perfect) and of course Karin and the shoes and books she got from us. She is a shoe freak. Lol. And ruins them also in the shortest time possible.

We also munched on yummy Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes. Delicious. I tell you.
I might tell you the recipe another day, because if you try it once you just LOVE them. and they are so easy to make.

Now I go back to preparing and getting ready for the PARTY, because a bunch of kids are going to be here soon.


  1. Alles Liebe zu Deinem Geburtstag Chiara! Hugs, Sandra, Chris und Stevie

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!

    Looks & sounds like she had a wonderful day of celebrating!

    Such a beautiful smile!

  3. Happy birthday to sweet Chiara!

    btw--those oreo cheesecake cupcakes sound really good.



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