Monday, December 7, 2009

It was a long year ...but finally - Welcome Home

We made it to the Cooper Field, just on time with 2 out of 3 balloons, our sign, all bundled up and still waiting.

We knew Leland was already in Texas. We knew he already landed in Ft. Hood. This time he had his phone and texted. He called that they were in the bus and and on the way to the field while we were still on the way to Ft. Hood an hour till the ceremony time. "We are running late. - Fantastic!" The road through the country is empty just us, but right in front of post everything is packed. Everybody wants to get in and I can't remember the last time when it took me 20 minutes just to get from the hospital through the gate. Why today? Finally.

He texts "Soon".

We still have to get through half of Ft. Hood and every traffic light was on red. Of course, by the time we get there he will be waiting on us with. We see the signs, the road and almost missed it right in front of our nose even we have been there more as once before, just 10 days ago.

But only a few soldiers in sight, music blasting out of the speakers and it's freezing cold. We made it and no busses in sight. Where are they. It took us forever and we are further away. The army!

Chiara and Soren are running on the field with the other kids, Bella stays close to me. Ten minutes later an announcement out of the speakers to clear the field, the cavalery horses are riding up. Soren is throwing a fit. He wants to keep running on the field. He is throwing himself on the ground. Tantrum. - until walking back to the car, thanks - . Finally the busses are driving up. And we can see them lining up behind.

Chiara saw her Dad right away. He was in the first row, the second from the right.

WELCOME BACK HOME, we love you!


  1. OK.. this is a real tear jerker... I can only imagine how you are all feeling right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you sacrifice! xx hugs-

  2. oh wow I think I lost my mind waiting 20 min at the Gates! Very glad he is home safe now!!

  3. Wortlos schöne Bilder! Welcome home Leland!

  4. What a blessing. Thank you for sharing your story. I loved your photos too.



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