Monday, February 28, 2011

scattered blocks

The washing machine is still running so I have some time to blog even it is late. We were on the go almost all day, but I took my midterm exam - yeah. I can breath again and can get to the next ten chapter in my business college book. It was a crazy day and a lot of things did not work out this morning as they were supposed to, especially not - ID REQUIRED for testing. I usually NEVER leave the house without my driver license and my military id, but today I had neither. Well, that got solved, too, and after my 5th trip in town today we were even done with soccer training by 7 pm and an almost empty gas tank.
Now Bella is up for TAKS testing tomorrow morning, at least she is smart and doesn't stress about test as I do. Good girl!

There was no time for sewing, but I dug out a box with unfinished blocks :) - perhaps I am able to figure out how to finish these up instead.

Almost all my yellow and orange pieces of fabric are collected in a special basket to be on hand for working on an old project. It used to be New York Beauty, because I loved to paper piecing and this pattern actually was the very first paper piecing I ever did a long time ago. It was also first of the very few classes I ever took in the the very first quilt store I visited in my husband's hometown. Years later I started on these blocks and am up to 12 by now. There are 2 or 3 more started, but I think I am out of the paper piecing mood. Still I would like to piece these blocks together, but I am unsure how. Shall I stick with adding the preplanned triangles as the pattern tells or find something more unusual? The colors are very bright and the fabric I intended to use to add the blocks together would have been either a darker purple, dark grey or black. Any ideas?


  1. Allmächdna - die hab ich ja schon ewig nicht mehr gesehen. Keine Ahnung bzw. Geistesblitz - im Moment erfreu ich mich daran die tollen Blöcke anzusehen......

  2. Hi
    Love your New York Beauty blocks. Black would make the blocks pop, not that I'm an expert.
    I love trawling blogs especially overseas ones.
    Keep up the good work.
    TrishJ, Melbourne, Australia

  3. New York Beauty ist wunderschoen, und die Farben find ich auch klasse..

    Ich hab mich an den noch nicht rangetraut

  4. Whichever colour you use will help set the 'mood' for the quilt so find a couple of strips in each of those colours, make a cross with each pair of strips and place a block in each of the corners of the cross to give you an idea of what it would look like. You'll soon know which appeals most to you :).



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