Friday, February 18, 2011

win and loose

Today is the a win and loose type of day. One thing was working out and in the next morning something else was not going the way it should. I am not an easy person shaking those "not well working out" moments off, but today a little while later something nice happened again. All day long. Perhabs it keeps going or I just have to keep my eyes open for the good moments.

My littlest bug was staying home all week due to a stomach virus. He is not a 100% himself especially in the food department. He eats LESS and is very PICKY. Also his bottom needed many more bathroom visits and more help, so school was not in order. But it was time for us to get out of the house. The sun was hiding (Soren is pretty discintive about this expression), the car prepped with a DVD, gummis and goldfish and we took a quiet roadtrip to stroll through IKEA and a quick stop at JoAnns, just because we were already right in front of it. How could we not go there! We found want we looked for and after already trying out handycraftymama last night and getting up curtain rods and curtains in the kitchen, we might have to use handcarftymama to install the reading lights above the girls beds. I just have to dig for the right screws. At least I thought of purchasing the fitting light bulbs at IKEA right away.

We have a few more things to do this evening, before we can settle in for FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN. I just mentioned it yesterday evening and now both girls can't wait to sew ALL NIGHT. We will see how long their night is gonna go. I just signed up last minute as #159. If you want to, there's still time left.

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