Wednesday, February 9, 2011

no sunshine here

The kids are happy. Mama is not.

They are having another snowday due to water on the road and freezing temperatures. It was early out anyway. But this also cancels our roadtrip this afternoon into Austin because we are not turning it into a ice skating tour.

Starting 5 am our phones were ringing of the hook to let me know that our school district is delayed, then later closed, the other district closed already and Soren's appointement cancelled - a lot of noise - and all that around my head that is bugged since three days with a migrane so bad that I am on the verge of moving very close to the bathroom and just stay there. At least we did not have to get up before 6 am.

Luckily there are days when the girls love to help out in the kitchen and hopefully they decide today is day if the want to eat more as just a sandwich and an apple.  We have all the ingredients at home for the "healthy" banana bread as long as I don't mention to them healthy and that we use the bananas with the darkened (pst black) peel. I guess I might have to pitch in at that part. It will go anyway like this. "We don't like banana bread." and by the time it  cooled it will be almost gone. I do know my kids. Even I avoided the grocery store this week there is some pasta in the pantry left. And I might end up taking up Diego's help if we need some peace in the house - Soren's best friend no matter how often he already has seen it already an episode or read the same story.

Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully with a clear head, clear road and a paper due. Perhabs some sunshine outside, too.


  1. I, too, am a sufferer of migraines so I feel for you! I will be praying you feel better soon.

  2. Oh boy hat es dich schon wieder erwischt. Hoffentlich geht es dir heute etwas besser! *drück-dich*



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