Thursday, February 3, 2011

never easy to say good bye

The temperature here in texas are at its deepest. Included is a little ice and there, but we did not get the worst of the winter storm the is drowning America. Instead it gave us an extra evening with Leland.

After he packed up all his gear for his last deployment and all of us got bundled up as much as possible - 2+ socks and counting, his phone rang off the hook all morning and we were on the way to post. Several hours later we found out that his flight was delayed to the weather in the North. So we had hime home for an extra evening before we all got up at 4 am again to bring him back on post where a few hours later several hundreds soldiers were leaving with him for another tour to Iraq. It is not his first one, but definately his last one. Still it is never easy to say Good Bye and let him go.

1 comment:

  1. Oh man :-( wo ist denn die Zeit hin, dass es schon wieder so weit ist. Kopf hoch, du schaffst es auch dieses Mal.



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