Sunday, February 27, 2011


it sounds so easy


and this really has to be the word of the year

after tomorrow
after midterms
after i covered my to do to list for tomorrow
and the whole week
including all the things I promised for the rest of the year

STOP didn't I just write the magic word


this is what i get back to tomorrow as soon as i have a moment to sit down and get really late breakfast tomorrow and i will


  1. *Daumen-drück* Du schaffst das schon!!!!

  2. S.i.m.p.l.y make a moment or two in your day for you as you sound stressed.
    Cup of your favourite drink, sit in your favourite place, entice a cat(or 2) to be your relaxation assistant, take the phone off the hook and take ten minutes to enjoy the atmosphere and not think about all those things till after your ten minutes is finished.
    Have a lovely day :).



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