Wednesday, February 16, 2011

two peas in a pod

or two buddies sharing the step stool while watching tv .

No, we are not forcing Antonio to sleep on Soren's bed, he is finding the bed all by himself. we also believe that kitten is more as fast enough to escape Soren's hands, still half of the time Soren is snatching him up and only once a while gets scratched from the little wild beast. They are such buddies and good for each other.

 Over a year ago I made a simple quilt top. However I always dread the quilting step. Last night I finally layered this quilttop with thin batting and quilted it during the day with Soren's support. Since he is sick he is very clingy and wants to help me in everything I do. Perhabs it was having him around or the different batting, but for once there is no wrinkle in the back. The quilting is not perfect, but with time it will get smoother.

The last bit of valentine as brownie bites in heart shape. It took two attempts. The first attempt turned out cute, too, but started as a disaster. Brownies stuck in pan, stuck on cookie cutter, stuck on knife --- ending up iin bitty pieces scrambled and decorated, just not as planned.  Simply crazy as normal.


  1. Das Bild von Soren und Antonio ist zu witzig! Da musste ich jetzt schon ein bisschen grinsen!

  2. What a great picture of Soren & Antonio - makes the heart warm & gooey! xx



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