Saturday, February 12, 2011


Thursday night it already started. The tiny valentine actions in the house.

    Writing over 70 little valentine cards for school. No, even Bella still intended to we did not make the kids' valentine cards for all of their classmates this year ourselves. We actually purchased them and Soren's are really neat. Little paper soccerfields with a punch out goal and a paperball to kick. How cool is that instead of candy! He had to test it right away and had a blast. We do have a few handmade valentine roses.

    On Friday afternoon Soren had his Valentine's party at school. Pre-k kids in actions with yummy snacks and goodybags and lots of cards. In the evening all three got ready for the Valentine's dance at school. It was just plain CRAZY. They loved it, I am happy it is over.

- 4th graders -

- pre-k kids -

- 2nd graders -

Today we started on Chiara's heart shaped cookies on a stick for her Valentine party at school and to take a few in the afternoon. We are still working on the last ones with icing and sprinkles and wrapping them all nicely and individually.

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  1. Die sind toll geworden und sehen yummieh aus!



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