Saturday, February 5, 2011

artsy crafty kids @ work

Three kids of mine, one kid had a friend over, one kid was happy, one kid was not and one was being the little bugging brother.

However to get everybody busy and smiling we simply got some pink felt out, an old can of tuna finally got used - the kids wondering that it is still full, because nobody wants to eat tuna - , a marker, scissors, needle and thread.

No all that was needed a traced circled from the tuna can onto the felt and cut out and a Chiara's swirl or snail like Soren's snail in the middle of the circle drawn, cut on the line, rolled up and held together with a few stitches.Follow step by step Felted Rose Tutorial from Pretty Handy Girl. The kids did not make up there minds yet how to use their roses yet, attaching them to a stem like a real flower or perhabs a headband or even a belt. I am sure they are coming up with more ideas as they have rosebuds. lol

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