Tuesday, February 22, 2011

check your mailbox TODAY!!!

You simply have to if you participated in the mug rug swap from the Quilting Gallery.

For once I checked our mailbox on the way into town before picking up all the kids from school.  And besides the free MAGGI soup sample that was waiting there I also received an envelope from Sharon. When I opened the envelope I found beautiful blue fabric inside folded like an envelope. Inside the fabric were two absolute awesome mug rugs. Just gorgeous. The quilting  is AMAZING. And of course the fabric. There was the missing yellow fabric for my black and white quilt. Sewed right into the mug rug.  THANK YOU so much Sharon.

Check out all the quilting from close up.

The mug rugs I mailed off to Becky last week arrived in her mailbox today, too.

Just as I said, you might want to check YOUR mailbox.


  1. Die sehen ja super aus! Das Quilting.... einfach Klasse!!!

  2. Sweet! I am anxiously stalking my mailbox for my Mug Rug too! :)



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