Saturday, February 19, 2011

my friday night sew in project

The FNSI in this house started late yesterday. We didn't get home till eight in the evening. But for a quick fix we grab pizza already on the way home, drinks, set the sewing machines up - all three of them - and hooked Netflix up with the next episode of Merlin. We spend some evenings rather in Camelot as in Texas. lol

Actually having a whole night to sew planned ahead. IMAGINE. But what am I really going to sew?
I decided to work on the stack of WIPs on my desk. Started on the girls flannel pants. After pinning the legs together, they suddenly decided they want to sew them instead of what they planned before. Their patience didn't last too long that night, so I ended up sewing some more on the pants. But one step at a time.

Eventually I got to first couch pillow. You might recognize the pattern. I liked the little mug rug I made for the swap so much that instead of keeping it I came up with the first pillow pattern.

I wasn't sure how to make the pillow opening because I want to be able to wash the cover, but also have it all the way closed up and not to lay on a zipper, plus my zipper sewing is not perfect at all. I found this tutorial and wow it works great.

The zipper is hidden under an extra strip of fabric that keeps it covered. Have a peek.

I am lazy. I did not want to sew another pillow fill it and add it this cover. So again because you can not purchase my misfit perfect size of pillow I got 99 cent pillows from IKEA. Simple measured the needed size of two sides and sewed it fitting, cut next to the seam and took off what was too much. I
n the end I have one fitting inlay pillow for my washable cover and extra polyfiber for another project.

Now i need to come up with two more couch pillow patterns. Mmmmh.

My name is Oscar and I don't sew, but tomorrow you might get to see some more from where I live and is barely three weeks old.


  1. Fun pillow! I am going to be working on a cathedral window pillow soon -- so thanks for the tutorial link. Great job with your FNSI.

  2. Sieht Klasse aus! Und du sagst du hättest nicht viel genäht am FNSI!

  3. Great pillows!

    And I loved the military spouse recipe! I guess I've finished baking as my hubby's retired... truth be told... there are times when I miss those army days.

  4. Lovely pillow, love the pattern



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