Wednesday, March 2, 2011

time for headwraps

No, I didn't plan on decorating headwraps. However it is fun, relaxing and made the girls happy when they came home. My hatbox filled with felt was still sitting on the sewing table and also leftover straps from the last stash project, too. Everything right on hand and who does not love to run her hands through buttons?

These are the first attempts. One made out of felt, the other with fabric flowers, swirls and all buttons.

I chose thin and wide headbands and we noticed the thin ones are also quite a bit smaller. Perfectly little girl sized. Believe me soren tried them with his big head before I could stop him, but no way, even Chiara needs the wider size. Still she loves the grey one. Unfortunately I have a lot of unique buttons in my tin box and this sparkly one was one of these. We will get more ideas and I am sure we also will find a home for the smaller headbands.



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