Thursday, March 17, 2011

green garden :: green sewing

March 17, 2011 : first day of harvest of our garden - one strawberry

Our little seed are growing inside the house and even the zucchinis are finally popping out of the ground.  They are such  stalky little seedlings. We replanted the cucumber seedlings outside in the veggy plot and hopefully there is a chance of survival. The mint and the cilantro are already growing and it smells so good when we brush by  while getting  to the little garden. The basil is right on the other side and really important in our herb department.

It must have been the Irish in the day, because I had no specific preference on what fabric or what color I wanted to use, but I ended up going for green. What a coincidence! I tried a tutorial I actually have seen just a few days ago while searching for more ideas for drawstring backpacks and have seen these clutches today again at Jenny's. Just one exception - I made a mistake and the cute taps are not showing as supposed to and ended up in triangles. It works, but I actually want to get it right, it would looks so much nicer. Here you can find the tutorial @ Noodlehead if you want to try one yourself.

late night update - yeah - I figured it out! I got it right!

Soren really wanted to get his picture taken as my project holder first. It's always 'Me, me, me." The picture with this profesional project holder shows off the ruffles a little bit better.


  1. Love your clutch! I like that you added a flower too, it really makes it special!

  2. A little cheer for the first strawberry harvest! Does the mint and basil mean mint and apple jellies and lots of pesto?

  3. Und schön brav teilen - LOL. Sag mal, die haben doch die Grösse von Walderbeeren oder!?!?



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