Saturday, March 19, 2011

one, two, ... four

After my little mishap at the first attempt of following the tutorial on how to make this clutch, I had to try it again - of course. And I just had to play with some more fabrics from my stash. I guess now I have a different little clutch to use for almost every day, if I get to keep them. I already have somebody eyeing them.

- #1 -

- #2 -

- #3 -

- #4 - it is a touch cricket - but I love how the fabric worked, even it was truly not my favorite. -

Garden Report

#1: All the trees, besides the one the dog chewed to the ground and the fig tree which is not showing a sign of life yet made it through winter and slowly but finally showing a sign of spring. Some just tiny yet, but we can't wait to see more growth.
#2: The dog attacked the bamboo shrub. Arrrrrrrrrg. Usually he leaves plants with leaves alone. So we built the next fence circle, we are almost pros now.
#3: Chiara probably drowned 1/3 of our cucumber seedlings with a quick swoop of water instead of a little. We only can hope for survivors.
#4: Our zucchinis seeds are out and growing awesome and soon ready to move outside, and the pepper ones are slowly sprouting, too.
#5; The next little strawberry is turning red.


  1. Oh, I have to disagree. #4 is fabulous! I love #1 too, but #4 is the best one :) Fabulous bags!

  2. Du fleissiges Bienchen..... die clutches sehen toll aus! Ich geh dann auch mal nähen ;-)



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