Tuesday, March 22, 2011

just for little boys

Those two blue onesies are part of my stash since a little while, but I never got to them. That was perhabs good, because I have to admit that even I planned on using them all the time it took even now a little while to get an idea what to add to them and no a tie was simply NOT an option. I saw a cute dino and it took me almsot two weeks to find the pattern in one of magazines again and in the end I didn't even use it. Don't ask me why, because I am still in love with that dino. However this robot is my favorite for right now when I came across a few different robot patterns. I only decided to used fabric for the eyes, too, instead of buttons, because it is for a baby, I didn't want to include a chocking hazard in the appareal.

After we are all little owl fans here, I couldn't say no to add this little fellow on the second onsie. Still it looks like he really needs feet. He is missing feet! What do you think?
The feet have to wait for another day, it is late and I need to come up with an idea for these, but the last night was short and I am tired now. So take care.


  1. Those are so cute! Also, I really like your new blog look. Very nice.

  2. Cute onesies. You could make some little feet for the onesie owl like the ones on your dear little owls at the top of your blog. I really like the crescent moon, it just makes it more special to pair that with the owl :D.



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