Monday, March 7, 2011

sewing :: planting :: grilling

Sunday was a relatively simple day. All activities that required leaving house or yard were cancelled and we just stayed home. After a crazy week and don't repeat Saturday it was necessary.

While Soren luckily hogged the back DVD-player to watch Dora and Diego and finally started working on the substitute xmas present that got not delivered at xmas. Somehow I always forget to remind myself that mini quilts need alsmost as much prep time as big ones, just less ironing. Eventually I got to sew most of the pieces together ib the morning, changed colors in between and even handquilted it inthe evening. I think with the binding it will come together nicely.

On the other side I am unsure if we really needed to plant the first seedlings in our vegetable plot yesterday. The kids loved helping doing it and are already pampering the little plants and can't wait for the seeds in the kitchen to sprout, but Chiara and Soren definately had a blast just digging inthe dirt and hoeing away. Perhaps we should have skipped the plants?

The kids are very selective which veggies to plant, but their first request was strawberries. We had no luck last year in the pot, neither with the seeds nor with the little plants. No berries. The plants survived, so they got first in the new garden plot, but I added one new strawberry plant and picked one that has already green strawberries hanging. Just to make sure.

I never was a big fan of yo-yos, but suddenly I like them, especially with buttons. For right now their getting added to headwraps, but I am sure I find something else to use them for. One idea is already in my head, but psst. Can't tell.

Of course after all that working outside yesterday, we had to clean the BBQ and hook it up again to grill for dinner. BBQ chicken strips are just the best and the kids love them. It got just a little too chilly to eat outside by the time we were ready. Next time.

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  1. Love the yo-yos and the head wraps!
    Hope you have more success with the strawberries. Did no one tell you that when you start them from seed the first year all they grow is leaves? Young plants started from runners also need a growing year before fruiting - well the ones I had over here in Australia did. Little fertilizing tip - whatever you use dilute it by half again with water or you'll have all leaves and no fruit and use it sparingly. Mulching is actually better then fertilizing.



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