Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thursday between 8 - 11 am

On Thursday morning Soren and I actually had to get ready by the time the girls had to leave the house. Almost ready, we got dressed and packed everything we needed for the day plus Soren's breakfast.

We brought the girls to school and walked with Chiara to the school library, returning her library book with a ripped page. It wasn't her fault, even she doesn't always watch out were she leaves her books, she treats them well. no coloring inside, no ripping, .... but not Soren. He threw himself on my lap and grabbed and ripped the page while reading the story to Chiara faster as anyone of us could reacted. So we personally brought the book back. Sorry.

Right after we our car had his appointment at the other side of Killeen. So we dropped it off and had time to waste. Soren already had his brakfast on the way and I got a free coffee. Now I just needed to get my book out of the bag and can enjoy the quiet waiting area. YEAH. But Soren was all over the place exploring, so forget the book and just use the camera with an eye on him all the time touching everything.

After already being almost THERE we just added two more exits on the highway and visited the new shopping area in Harker Heights. It's still lots of construction there, but Target is open AND Barnes and Nobles. Soren was just goofying around outside as you can see. And not such a happy shopper at Target. But if they offer as a free $20 giftcard. Sure we come and shop and got our little big boy some clothes in the next size for this fall/winter.

Luckily I took the stroller instead of a shopping cart and the grumpy little shopper fell asleep by the time we came to the register. So we just left the car where it was and walked all over the parking lot and cruised peacefully through Barnes & Nobles. I even got the get comfy in on eof their big chairs to browse through books. Lovely. An hour later at check out there he woke up again and we strolled back to the car. If it wouldn't be so far we could do that every morning, just switching out the coffe from the car dealer to the Starbucks one at B&N, definitely.

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  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing day out. I love Soren's outfit, he is such a cutie.



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