Monday, October 27, 2008

Roadtrip to Marble Falls

Can you see all the excitement? The happiness? Getting buckled in for a roadtrip!
And all that for going to a pumpkin farm. Lucky me!
Chiara needed to bring a small pumpkin to school on Monday, so on Saturday with a nice weather prognosys and as always the last weekend before Halloween we got all packed up to drive to Marble Falls to the Sweet Berry Farm for an afternoon with PUMPKINs and more PUMPKINs.
So 30 minutes after finally getting the DVD player to open and to work, 1 hour off driving with a stop at the Germany bakery and spending $5.10 on a loaf of Tic-Tac-Toe Bread (true German bread even I never heard of the name before) and another stop at Wal-mart for fresh Salami from the deli in Lampasas we arrived at the pumpkin farm.

Soren was first more interested with all the straw as with any of the pumpkins, but CHiara and Isabell wanted to pick their pumpkin out right away. Even with the stroller along I postponed that til the end because I doubt it would have been them carrying the pumpkins around until we were getting ready to leave again.

So after a few snapshots with fussy, grumpy, stubborn Soren who had a real rough day, we found a spot in the shade (Do you want to know that we had 87 degrees again?) and picknicked. After feeding all the little goats (a moment of true happiness for Soren) we got tickets for the hayride. The last hayride I remember was in South Hadley, Massachusetts, in the dark, cold, freezing, not here it was mainly DUSTY with a few scrarecrows and pumkin heads sitting inthe trees on the way. The girls enjoyed being in a high field of flowers and picking and cutting a big cup full of fresh flowers. We skipped the BIG maze, but had to find our way through the kid's maze without loosing anybody before the kids started picking out pumpkins


in all sizes and colors.

Just like last year after the pumkin farm came my enjoyable part of the trip and it was not putting the kids to bed, but having dinner with actually - hard to believe three pretty good behaving kids at Chilis in Marble Falls sitting outside on the balcony in the sun with a beautiful view over the river. We were a little too early for the sunset, but it really nice no matter what.

Seriously, going there for dinner sitting outside is worth to drive an hour and if you don't like Chili there's the River Grill right next to it.

Here is the link to lots of more pumpkin farm photos.


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww... That first picture.... Lately Mia and Mimi are crying like that when they sit in the car too!!

    The trip looks great!!!

  2. Love the pics :-D da werden Erinnerungen wach vom letzten Jahr :-) wir haben's noch nicht mal geschafft zum Pumpkin Patch... will irgendwie keiner mit uns gehn... ganz liebe Gruesse an alle... Sandra

  3. Sandra, wir haben euch dort auch vermisst und sind dieses Jahr ganz alleine gegangen.

  4. Pumpkin picking is so fun

    As usual, your pics are fantastic!

  5. What a beautiful day you captured through the lense of you camera......beautiful!



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