Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday is here!

Kurzfassung auf deutsch am Ende.

It's Sunday morning


even it feels like I am up since hours

and I am

but I didn't get up at 6 am

I wasn't sleeping at 6 am

but dozing in and out all morning

with all kinds of interruptions

caused by a family of five.

But after I am awake and up and talked to Sandra for while 1100 miles away, that's at least 1090 miles too far, I updated my blogs.

I do post lots of photos as all of your know and to keep the blog from (edited: I forgot THAT little word which makes all the difference) going all crazy which is really hard because it gets always chaotic I added a little while ago two more blogs to my collection of blogs. more blogs. more craziness. lol. It just had to be done.

Here is all about my kids, my love and crazyness. You are right here, so no extra link necessary.

When I have way too many pictures I will just post them on my old photography blog.

But there is also an "official" fingerprints fotografie blog with photos from photo sessions and perhabs a few extra. Perhabs someday I might have a portfolio.

And brand NEW my creative outlet fingerprints left behind, as always at least one kid has it's fingers on what I make. lol. Nothing new. You never know what you might find there, but this my way of not going crazy and the kids are getting more and more into crafts and art, too, and this has to be promoted. - But still under construction - so please bare with me.

On the left sidebar is/will be a list of all three and eventually perhabs a button ot two or three.

By the way all fingerprints blogs are updated, take a look.

Damit nicht immer zu viele Fotos auf einmal auf dem Blog sind, habe ich alles ein bisschen getrennt und es gibt jetzt mehrere Blogs.

Famile & Co - genau here
Extra Fotos - auf dem alten Foto Blog
Fotos von Foto Sessions & mehr - fingerprints fotografie
Creatives Outlet - fingerprints left behind - noch im Aufbau
auf der linken Seite wird eine Liste aller Blogs zu finden Sein bis ich Knoepfe eingebaut habe.

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