Monday, October 13, 2008

Kitchen, Cabinets, Doors

This is what I found Saturday morning in the living room, a bunch of crazy kids.

Soren always has to close doors. Every door. So when he is in the bathroom he tries to open and close the cabinet doors there, too, while he is trying to squeeze himself inside. He usually does not get very far. He is also always closing the kitchen cabinet doors after emptying the cabinet. Yesterday he wanted to climb in the kitchen cabinet. Yes, just the bottom ones, but the do have a shelf, so no space for him. I thought so, but no he squeezed himself on the upper shelf totally inside until he got stuck. I was just laughing and of course took a picture and was just hillarious. Then I did need to rescue him, because he couldn't get out by himself again.

For the picture you need to imagine him in his diaper stick in the cabinet, but I just can't show you, because I forgot to put my card back in the camera after downloading other pics the night before. Sorry. If it should happen again, I will check for the card in the camera next time for sure.

Chiara is modeling for me. LOL. I wanted to take a picture of the little apron I made for Becca's birthday basket before packing it up. Now she wants to get her own one with ruffles, because
we just don't have enough aprons in the house yet. Here are more picture. Just click. She is just posing here and pretending to cook, but can't wait to make chocolate cupcakes later on.
Soren found Chiara's backbag on the floor in the livingroom and put it on. He didn't mind at all that there was Tinkerbell all over it. After she didn't clean her stuff up he also found her pink headband she made at the family fun night and had a blast with it. Who cares it is pink! It is just his color for now. Fitted out with bag and band he went on a stroll outside around the house. With his size he would fit just fine in a pre-k class and not even be the smallest one. Where did my toddler go? The baby loft a long time ago.


  1. I love the picture of the three kids. They are beautiful and look so comfy just hanging out!



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